Linking people with plants through botanical art

Ulex europaeus, © Sharon Tingey



The Scottish Botanical Art Collective came together to present Flora Scotia, an exhibition of contemporary artworks of Scottish native plants by artists resident in Scotland. This is our contribution to the international collaboration Botanical Art Worldwide: linking people with plants through botanical art, a collaboration across 26 countries led by the American Society of Botanical Artists. In May 2018, over 700 artists from 6 continents joined together to celebrate the diversity, importance and beauty of their native plants.

Sutherland Kale © Lizzie Sanders

Scotland’s native flora is hugely important to its human inhabitants. Throughout the ages, people have used native plants in myriad ingenious ways. They remain in daily use as foods, medicines and the staples of the domestic economy, and their stories are woven through our culture in folklore, ritual, art and science.  Some of Scotland’s most talented botanical artists and scientists have come together in an invitation to take a close look at our native plants in a celebration, exploring and explaining connections between plants and people.

The Flora Scotia exhibition ran from March 31st to 3rd June at the John Hope Gateway, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

The Scottish Botanical Art Collective is an umbrella organisation formed to represent the interests of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edinburgh Society of Botanical Artists, Scottish Society of Botanical Artists, Botanical Images Scotia and independent artists.